One of the lessons I have had to learn the hard way is that sometimes no matter what you do to explain your disease some people will never get it. It’s something that over time I have had to learn to accept and just give up on with some people. There was a time in my life when people would say things to me like “it’s all in your head” or “it’s because you’re eating *insert food here*”, etc. and I would get so angry because they were so wrong! I have had many fights trying to get close friends and family members to understand, but the hard truth is that some people never will. 

For my own sanity I have had to learn to just step aside and let them think whatever they want to think. It was difficult because I am so passionate about raising awareness on my disease and trying to get others to understand, but some people don’t want to understand. Some people will never get it no matter how many times you correct them. Sometimes these people will be people that are close to you and it will anger you even more because to you it’s important that they understand. In these cases you just have to give up and realize that it’s not worth getting upset over. 

There are people in my life that still think Crohn’s disease is just a tummy ache.

Or that if I only ate a certain way I would be all better. 

Or that because I don’t look sick I must be doing well. 

On and on my list could go with annoying things that people think about me and my disease. All I can do is try and educate them but there comes a time when I realize that a certain person will just never get it and then I give up. It’s better that way because the truth is as much as you want a person to get it, as much as it would help you for a certain person to get it, some people simply never will.