Today’s prizes!

1. One winner will receive a bracelet from Mayslove created by Maggie Baldwin of Let’s Talk IBD. Maggie lives with Crohn’s disease and an ostomy and is so creative! She has her own YouTube channel where she became well known for her videos on decorating her ostomy bag in cool and unique ways. She shows young girls that having an ostomy isn’t something you have to hide or be embarrassed about. Her confidence is contagious! She also creates all kinds of fabulous jewelry and crafts and sells them on her etsy store where she donates a portion of her proceeds to the CCFA. 

2. One winner will receive a dream catcher created by Ariel McCollum. Ariel also lives with Crohn’s disease and is an ostomate! I have enjoyed getting to know her through my blogging and facebook page and watching her become more and more confident as a woman living with an ostomy. Ariel is Native American and smudges the dream catchers she makes (like a blessing). I even have one that she sent to me earlier this year hanging in my bedroom. :) 

Both winners will also receive a holiday card from me! 

Please support the two of these lovely ladies and show your appreciation for their kindness.  In a season where people are so greedy it’s so lovely to see you all being so giving! Not only am I giving to you but so many have given to me so that I can give to you! And so many of you have offered your talents and the things you do as well. You all make me proud to be leading this. Here are the links for today

Maggie’s YouTube channel:

Let’s Talk IBD Facebook:

Mayslove Etsy store:

**If you’d like to inquire about dream catchers from Ariel please let me know so I can put you in contact with her. 

**The day 1 and 2 winners have been announced on my YouTube channel.